Our Mission

Blackbox Theatre (BbT) nurtures the intellectual, artistic, and personal development of students through drama education, performing opportunities, and live theatre experiences.

Our Work

Blackbox Theatre is a place where students can explore the depths of their creativity and experience the thrill of live performance. Through the magic of theatre, BbT helps young people find their self-confidence, sensitivity, creativity, and leadership.

We provide a wide range of programming for students aged 7-14. Our staff consists of professional educators and working artists, and our curriculums align with educational learning requirements of the National Curriculum and professional artistic standards. For many of our young students BbT is their first exposure to the performing arts.

“After home and school, BbT is our students ‘third place’. We offer a nurturing and a safe environment where they can learn and grow, succeed and challenge themselves, develop healthy relationships, and shine.”

Professionalism is the core value at BbT. We hire artists of the highest calibre and they are all experienced in their disciplines. Whether on stage or in the classroom, we infuse our work with professional artistry. We aspire to have audience members exclaim, “I can’t believe this is a youth production.”

Combining the Best Practices of Educationalists and Practitioners Blackbox Theatre’s expectations of the quality of teaching and learning in drama classes are high.

Physical Theatre

Concentrating on how to warm up the body, so to avoid injury, young people identify how to move freely and safely. Fun and challenging exercises are used to develop physical skills, coordination and rhythm, while physical theatre is explored to give young people a broad experience of different theatre styles.


In addition to having the opportunity to take part in productions young people learn to develop their creativity and confidence through role play, drama games, character work and storytelling. Students have the opportunity to work on text, sight-reading and improvisation stretching their ability further, to enable them to perform and display their work within a larger group.


Identifying how sound is made and how to best use the voice correctly, young people get to explore projection, improving articulation and tone. Learning popular show tunes and contemporary songs children will sing as an ensemble, with solo opportunities increasing ability, confidence and skill.


Classroom Management Guidelines have been drawn up to help ensure classes are energetic, well-disciplined, well-organized and purposeful.

Since a career in the performing arts is best attained through strict self-discipline Blackbox teaches its students in a structured environment and encourages disciplined behaviour.

We operate a strict ‘three strikes’ policy and reserve the right to dismiss students who are consistently disruptive.

You can view photographs from our recent production “Panto Crime” here.

Want to know more, or join Blackbox Theatre?

Blackbox Theatre welcomes applications from young people who are excited by the idea of exploring their artistic potential.

The group meets Saturday mornings during school term times at the Riverhead Theatre from 9am till 11.30am.

Fees currently payable are £55 in advance per school term (i.e. payable September, January and April)

For more information, or to join Blackbox Theatre, contact us on 01507 600350